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My dog is a drama queen

I decided to take a break from all my pregnancy related banter and talk to you today about Rummy. For the past 6 weeks that my FIL has been staying with us, Rummy has had a one way love affair with him. As in, Rummy tries to get every opportunity to lick my FIL’s hands and wags his tail at him in the most doggily seductive manner, but has been suitably ignored by FIL. All this rejection my poor dog has been taking pretty well, except for one fine day…..

Well, my SIL had come over to visit my FIL when me and K were away at work. Now, Rummy conducts a one way love affair with my SIL also. Except that she does not respond because she is still a little scared of Rummy (which I have tried to explain to her is like being scared of something as harmless as cookies…but still ). Anyways, SIL and FIL were both talking away, ignoring Rummy like they usually do. And my dog as usual was sleeping on his bed pretending not to care, when in reality he would have come running to them if they even looked in his direction. And then it happend. When sending my SIL away, apparently FIL and SIL had a small argument at the door. Now, Rummy thinks he is a peacekeeper from United Nations, only that he is of the canine variety. So he ran to the door and stood between both of them. And they both got a little scared. Soon, they got over it and my SIL tried to get into her van. Rummy decided to take the opportunity to get a ride for himself and hopped into SIL’s van and was uncermoniously kicked out.

This was the trigger for Rummy who loves car rides more than anything else on earth. And I guess his feelings were a little hurt too. So in true Gandhian fashion, he went and threw himself on the road in front of SIL’s van. And refused to get up. For two people who are a little scared of dogs, moving a 80 pounder off the road is no easy task. My FIL tried yelling at him, calling him softly. Nothing worked. He even got a nice banana from his personal statch and offered it to Rummy. But Rummy was ofcourse too hurt to even consider it even though normal circumstances would have him drooling at any food.

Finally after 15 minutes of dharna, I guess the road got a little too hot for Rummy’s comfort. So he got up and cooly walked back to the house to claim his spot under the fan.

When I came home and my FIL told me this, my first reaction was to let out a laugh. But it was quickly stifled by the look on my FIL’s face. But I am sure one day he will see the humor in this story, maybe even tell it to his grand kids. Why, he has already started feeding Rummy a small piece of his dosa every morning and I can almost see his face widen when he sees him every morning.

Here is an “innocent” pic of my drama queen…



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Sprinting to the finish line

I just stepped into the third and final trimester of my pregnancy sometime back. And I have 10 more weeks to go before I become a parent forever. As wonderful as pregnancy has been, with all the “glow” and shiny hair, the truth is that it does get uncomfortable at times. From back aches to heart burn to shortness of breath, and sometimes all of the above happening at the same time, it can get pretty overwhelming.

Once, during dinner, the soccer star currently residing in my uterus promptly gave me a kick in the ribs which made me whince in pain. And it started off a topic of discussion between me, K and my FIL. K asked his dad fondly if he too had been the source of such troubles to his mother – to which my FIL replied “I never heard her complain”. Not “she did not have pain”, but “I never heard her complain”. This really got me thinking that even a few decades ago, either women never really expressed what they were going through, or they simply thought that it was a part of the process and needed to be put up with. I mean, think about it – how many of us have no discomfort whatsoever during that time of the month? And yet, how many men of the older generation actually knew what their wives were going through? Even those darn old movies showed the pregnant lady throwing up – like – once, not for entire 4 months. Then after a quick bite of the raw mango, she was soon whisked off to her parents’ home and then the scene ended in the hospital where an anxious dad was waiting outside closed doors and then suddenly a baby was brough to him and declared his! Never once have they shown the pregnant lady not eating some kind of food because it now gives her terrible gas, or when she has heartburn and feels like a dragon breathing fire. Even in the so called pregnancy movies and sagas with women as the central character. No, pregnant women are always supposed to be happy and smiling and hormones messing with their body and mind is an urban legend that these doctors with fancy degrees just make up.

I think women in India have been raised with the super hero complex. That they can do everything – or that they must do everything. From going to work to cooking in the kitchen to raising kids, everything seems to be on their plate and everything must be taken into their stride. Motherhood is supposed to be always glorious with rainbows and unicorns and any downsides must be quietly swept under the carpet so that we can continue to pretend that it is always rainbows and unicorns. If there is one thing I know, it is that I am not a super hero. I am a person with no super powers other than to probably predict which exact bush Rummy is going to unleash his pee on – that too with only 70% accuracy. For me, it is not a matter of pride if I need to ask for help on days when I cannot do things on my own. I do not feel guilty being indulged. And I feel no shame or shortcomings in letting people know that soccer baby is at it again – and it hurts like crazy when the kicks lands in the right places.

Which brings me to one more thing I love about the country I am currently in. It gives ample opportunities for the dad-to-be to be involved in the entire baby making process. From visits to the OB to child birth classes to actually being in the same room your wife is laboring in and watching your kid being born – everything is encouraged. I am no longer just the woman-with-increasing-girth. I become the woman accomodating baby inside her – a baby that is alive and growing and kicking and burping. A woman who is going through things mentally and physically and needs some extra TLC. And because of this,  K does not suddenly become a father one fine day in January 2010, he is already one.

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And now the award goes to…..

Clueless!! Thanks so much to lovely Dee for giving me an award! Nothing removes writer’s blocks quicker than a tag and an award. And she has given me both!!!!

All the people I do want to pass on the awards to, Dee already has! But still mentioning them here because I really enjoy their blogs…

Dee : Like she said…we both are crazy, especially when it comes to our pets ! And mostly agree on everything!

AHK: My fellow MTB blogger! We both are barely a month apart in our pregnancies (I think) and I love to hear what she has to say because it resonates so much with me!

La Vida Loca: Please send me the invite to your very private blog!

And now for the tag….Since I am too lazy…please follow rules posted on Dee’s blog and anyone wanting to take this up is most welcome!

1.Where is your cell phone? Purse

2.Your hair? Black

3.Your mother? Excited

4.Your father? Exasperated

5.Your favorite food? Thai

6.Your dream last night? Garage!!

7.Your favorite drink? Bailey’s 😉

8.Your dream/goal? Environmentalist

9.What room are you in? Office

10.Your hobby? Reading

11.Your fear? Birds

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home

13.Where were you last night? Home

14.Something that you aren’t? Traditional

15.Muffins? banana-nut

16.Wish list item? This

17.Where did you grow up? Bangalore

18.Last thing you did? Ate-apple

19.What are you wearing? Maternity-jeans

20.Your TV? Samsung

21.Your pets? Rummy

22.Friends? Always

23.Your life? Changing 🙂

24.Your mood? Hungry!!!!

25.Missing someone? Mommy 😦

26.Vehicle? Scion TC

27.Something you’re not wearing? Sexy tight top

28.Your favorite store? Papaya

29.When was the last time you laughed? Morning

30.Last time you cried? Yesterday

31.Your best friend? K

32.One place that you go to over and over? Hawaii

33.One person who emails me regularly? FIL

34.Favorite place to eat? Dish-Dash

November 4, 2009 at 7:01 pm 4 comments

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