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Shining example of organization on K’s side of the family

Of late,  I have been craving for Aloo buns from the Iyengar bakeries of Bangalore. For the non-Bangaloreans, Aloo bun is a bun stuffed with potato curry inside and at the right temperate, it is just a handful of mouth melting goodness. Now, as it happens, my FIL is landing here this weekend, so I thought I will take the opportunity to smuggle some Aloo buns into this insipid country – and because I am preggie and all that, such ridiculous requests of mine are being entertained by everyone for a limited time.

So, I picked up the phone and called Amma and let her know that I wanted Aloo buns. She promptly called my FIL and told him she would be bringing some buns for drop off just before he leaves so that I would have the freshest buns. And that is kind of where her chain of thought ended. But for my FIL, the process had just begun. He called back Amma and told her it would be easier for him to buy the Aloo buns himself since it would have to be last minute and everything. Even then, there was some more room for improvement. So FIL decided that he would buy the Aloo bun on the day of travel and then FREEZE it so that he could carry frozen buns and by the time they crossed seven seas they would be perfect and ready for consumption. But such a process had not been tried before and FIL takes my food related requests to heart. So the sweet soul decided to buy an experimental Aloo bun, freeze it, let it thaw, heat it in the microwave and see if it would still remain fit for my consumption!

The Aloo bun experiment is currently under way and I am awaiting results. Sometimes, in momemts like this I KNOW why I married K and by extension his family. Because they go where no Clueless has gone before!

Edited to add: Method to get Aloo buns on transatlantic flight

1. Buy buns 24 hours before departure and freeze them

2. Just before heading out to the airport, taken the frozen aloo buns and stuff it into luggage

3. As soon as you reach destination, aloo buns are promptly rushed into the freezer again

4. As and when needed, pull out an aloo bun and pop it into the oven. Once sufficiently thawed and warm – gobble them up quickly 🙂


September 9, 2009 at 2:29 am 21 comments

It’s not gas!

I have been hee-hawing about how to do this post.  I mean, I don’t want to make an “announcement” as such, and I have tried various permutations of stories it can fit into. But I guess there is no other way to do this than give it to you straight. I AM KNOCKED UP.  There – it is out of my system now. I can scamper off and comment on all those preggie blogs saying “me too!! me too!!”

PS: I will not be saying “I am starting a family” or “I am going the family way” because I believe I already have a wonderful family and in that sense I am already IN the family way. First-born definitely is a most anticipated add-on.

I am 20 weeks along now and by about 15 weeks, I started showing. Everybody who looked at me believed that I must be preggie, except for dear K. WHO THOUGHT IT WAS GAS. I mean you can’t have gas for 2 whole weeks can you? But Sir was still skeptical. Until we had the first ultrasound that showed a tiny alien looking creature wriggling around in my belly. My baby! That moment was the most awesome one I can think of till now.  A whole new life inside me! And yes, K no longer thinks it is gas.

My mom has been pretty helpful so far.  She has been trying to look up baby names on the internet and she even called up all excited because she had found a few good ones:

Mom: Clueless, I found some really nice names online

Clueless: Thats nice ma…which alphabet?

Mom:  I want to find some in every alphabet! I am getting there!

Clueless: OK..tell me the ones you found

Mom: I forgot

Clueless: Whaa??

Mom: Yeah, I did not write them down and now I don’t remember them

Thanks a lot ma! At this rate, the baby names list will remain unpopulated until I pop and then your grandkid will be named John Doe or Jane Doe by the creative hospital staff.  Thats because K and I are so uncreative that we tried thinking up nicknames for the baby and so far we have ended up calling our would-be-first-born all the nicknames we call our dog with. Sigh!

So, finally this blog is going to get some fodder because now I can talk about the things I have been dying to share. From the awesome food my ILs keep bringing over to hilarious attempts at training Rummy the textbook way to be ready for a baby.  Exhale!

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