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This is how he sits….for hours at a time until K decides to look behind and bestow his attention on Rummy.



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A perfect day

You know, we all have a dream about how our perfect snapshot in time should be. For me, I always imagined myself walking on a beach in arms with my love, while our dog ran along the beach sniffing at things and maybe fetching a stick. There would be a cool sea breeze and the only sounds we would hear would be the rhydm of waves crashing onto the beach…. And finally, I thought time had come for me to live this moment because I just looked at my checklist and I had

1 husband that I love
1 dog
10+ beaches around where I live
100+ days in a year when the weather was co-operative

But reality always happens to be more intersting than anything I can dream up, which is probably why I would not make a very good fiction writer. I picked the perfect day with the perfect weather, packed our collapsable canvas chairs, got our dog into the car and rode off to the beach for the kodak moment that I was going to experience. Except that, I guess, about 300 other people had the exact same idea and the beach was PACKED. Not letting such things deter me, we setup our chairs on the tiny part of the beach that was still vacant and waited for my dog to do his cute beachy things.

Whenever we try to give Rummy a bath, he tries to run and hide in the most inaccessible corners of the house, from where he has to be physically carried to the hose. It is NOT funny trying to carry a stubborn 80 pound dog you know….anyways that should have given me a hint that maybe – just maybe Rummy was hydrophobic. The beach confirmed it. While other dogs were running with abandon into the water, Rummy was acting like he had just gotten a pedicure at one of those expensive salons. He would not even let the tiniest bit of seafoam touch his feet and stood at a safe distance from the waves with a very perplexed look on his face for most of the time. But if there is one thing that can make Rummy momentarily forget his pedicure, it is food. And I don’t know – but aren’t dogs supposed to love meat? There were barbecues all over the place and yet my amazingly stupid dog decided that the one thing he wanted was the tomatoes that our beachy neighbors were distributing to their kids (who on earth brings tomatoes as beach snack?? poor kids I tell ya). The only saving grace was the Rummy is a gentleman most of the time. So instead of just pouncing on the tomatoes, he just stood in line with the other kids to wait his turn for his piece of tomatoes. It was an “Oliver Twist” moment for me right there. I could almost imagine Rummy going “May I have some more soup please?” and started to giggle. Unfortunately my beachy neighbors did not find it that funny and I had to drag Rummy back to our base camp where he spent the rest of his time alternating between sulking and looking wishfully at the tomatoes. K just decided not to be bothered and went off to sleep with his jacket covering his face.

Disclaimer: It was a dog friendly beach where we can let dog off leash. So please don’t throw tomatoes at me (or maybe you should – I can just give them to Rummy) for letting my dog scamper as he wishes.

I still had one last hope for my picture perfect moment and we decided to take a walk on the beach. I made sure I held on to K’s hand and walk with Rummy following us, except that our dog found lumps of rotting seeweed more interesting than you know – taking a walk with his owners.

Finally, we decided to pack up and head back home. Myself and K were very thirsty while Rummy was just plain exhausted and went right to sleep in the car. We got ourselves a milkshake and an ice cream and started the long drive back. It was almost sunset and we did not even feel the need to turn on the radio. We silently relished our milkshake / ice cream, only punctuated now and then by Rummy’s gentle snores from the back seat. Right then, nirvana happened. I was so much filled with love for my small unit and I felt so content and at peace. If we had probably captured the moment on camera it would show one horribly frizzy haired lady (from all that “sea breeze”), a man contemplating his milk share a little too seriously and a dog sleeping so awkwardly that its mouth fell off and half its teeth were visible. That’s why it is so much better that this moment is in my head and I would not have it any other way.

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