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Section 377 and people with absolutely no logic

I am very delighted that the Supreme Court in India decided to overthrow the section 377 that criminalizes homosexual acts.  Finally, a triumph of the constitution over the ever increasing moral police that seems to be opening branches everywhere in the country.

And then, there are these interviews.  With supposedly highly educated people who lead commissions and whatnot. And what is their stellar logic you might ask? That HUMAN RACE WILL GO EXTINCT!!! I mean, have they even checked the population of India recently? Even if the number of homosexuals in India doubled overnight, the Indian population will chug along, almost unaffected by it – like an unstoppable force until it consumes all the resources we have – and then, surely the human race will go extinct.

In all this chaos , I spotted a voice of reason coming from Celina Jaitely who asks the right questions. Like if marriages indeed were for procreation ( marriages because, you know, in India we don’t have sex – we just have babies after marriage ), then the court should order that every man and woman be tested for fertility before sanctioning their union. Ofcourse, impotent men, women who have reached menopause and such will not be allowed to marry. Why only homosexuals?

Anyways, for now, I will take what is given to me and celebrate. That my country is no longer one of “those” countries that go after homosexuals. Atleast legally. Socially, it is a totally different ball game.


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