A deluded country

January 20, 2009 at 7:46 pm 2 comments

Do you remember Ramayana ? And the massive popularity Arun Govil and the lady who played Sita enjoyed with people falling at their feet and literally bestowing them with godly status? Or Chiranjeevi with this politically tinted movies showcasing him as the saviour of masses just before he decided to launch his own political party? We as a country seem to have a massive disconnet between scripts and reality. We embrace the characters we see on screen and forget that there are people behind those characters who may think and act differently, or even worse, not think at all.

Yet another shining example of our obsession with celebrities and the characters they play is Sanjay Dutt. No, it is not that he was a drug addict that irks me. God knows everyone does stupid things in their youth and hopefully we all recovered from those mistakes. Sanjay Dutt is no longer a drug addict and that is enough for me. But it is the other track record that concerns me, his arrest for possesion of an assault rifle, the unstable mind. But then, he played Munnabhai and that seems to be enough for my people to put him in their good books. If anything, even with our deluded logic, we should probably be voting for the person who actually created this Munnabhai character and brought Gandhian principles in the forefront instead of the actor who mouths those dialogues.

And now, we are just realising what happens when we give airtime to a person with no proven track record of intellect. While millions of people listen and cheer, Sanjay Dutt appoints his wife to run on his behalf, a lady hardly suited in any way for leadership. He then insults 50% of India’s population by saying we women should take on our husband’s last name and responsibilities after we get married. Implying that we have to break ties with our own family, wash away any shred of individuality that remains and just disappear. Its a democracy and everyone has right to free speech, even morons like Sanjay Dutt, but what saddens me is the thousands of people who hang on to his every word and cheer him because he is Munnabhai.

I think this is what happens to a nation which does not have any real leaders to look up to. We start building mirages out of the bits and scraps we can find. And that mirage will continue to take us further away from reality, progress, equality and everything else this country is supposed to be founded on.

It is such a start contrast today. Two nations cheer new leaders they have discovered. Both experimented with drugs in their younger days. And that is where the similarity ends. One went on to get an Ivy league degree and climbed his way up the leadership ladder to make history and take over the highest office in the USA. The other acted in some well made movies, made further muck out of his life and now speaks with such regression that it feels like he hardly got any education at all. And maybe one day he will hold the highest post in our country. What is the difference? We the people. We have the power to choose. And yet again, we failed.

Update: Apparently now Manyata speaks – and says she takes her husband’s permission to even go out for coffee. And if her husbands wants, she will contest on his behalf. Why would you want to elect a person who has no sense of individuality or reasonable thinking capabilities?? On another note, did take take “permission” from her first husband to gallavant with Sanjay Dutt before she tied the knot?


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Nicknames ? Obama-Dutt??

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  • 1. Pixie  |  January 21, 2009 at 4:51 am

    So true… People are obssessed with film stars, cricketers… we put them on top of a pedastal and worship them…. not one of them is worthy of the respect that is bestowed on them…
    It’s sad and horrifying that we are willing to vote, cheer and place our nation into the hands of people like Mr. and Mrs. Dutt!
    Loved your post and the extremly clear way in which you have put across your thoughts! I splutterred in anger and tried to put it across in my post too ! 🙂

    Clueless: Thanks! And hopefully we won’t be too eager with our claps for anyone who takes the podium!

  • 2. Ramesh Srivats  |  January 22, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Yup. It sure looks like Sanjay Dutt combines his caveman physique with a stone-age moral outlook. However, as the poor guy is a novice in politics, I’ve written a speech that he could use 🙂

    Check http://www.rameshsrivats.net/2009/01/100-word-election-speeches-part-3.html

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