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A day of ironies

Barrack Obama is the President – Elect! Finally, after centuries, US of A has finally woken up to the fact that it is a multicultural society and that not every President has to be a white Christian. Yesterday, as I watched Barrack Obama speak, I felt this nation is going to start taking leaps in terms of society, strata. And in the right direction. I felt even prouder of India, who in less than 60 years of Independence has had a woman Prime Minister, a Sikh Prime Minister, a Muslim President and a half-Italian almost Prime Minister ( though I have to say I do not approve of Sonia Gandhi for various other reasons ). USA has now gotten enough people to look beyond their own nose, and if it took a Bush to get them there…then so be it!

And yet, this historic day for USA has been marred by other instances which say, maybe not much has changed – yet. Yesterday, people of California voted to take away marriage rights of gay couples. And Arkansas voted that gay people will not be able to adopt. In both these states, the funding for running these campaigns came from out of the state sources, religious institutions that splashed ads targetting every parents’ soft spot- their children. And what angers me is that, while you can say that it is unacceptable for someone from your religion to be married and gay, you cannot enforce your ideas on gay couples who choose to marry, and obviously move out of the religious bounds for its sake. I cannot understand how people can choose to have orphaned kids grow up with deprived childhood rather than have a chance at normalcy with a gay loving couple. These are the same people who stood silently and watched while their priests molested their kids and then just get transferred to another place as “punishment” so that they can start their pedophilia all over again. I cannot understand how they can call marriage sacred and have people who cheat on their spouses, who abuse their family remain married. And even let them get married again, so that they can make mockery of it all over again. And then tell that marriage is “holy” and someone cannot get married because of what they do in their beds.

I have heard many arguments against gay marriage. That it is not natural. That it is a new fad. Then how can we explain those thousand year old carvings in Kajuraho that depict homosexuality? How can we then explain various mythology with obvious gay references? We have for years ignored this, and chosen to build institutions excluding it. Yesterday, a country had a chance to set a precident, and it lost.

I am glad Barrack Obama addressed and thanked gays in his speech, because it gave them validation. Because, now the minorities have gained some kind of equal footing. But their place in civil rights has been now given to the gay people. It took the minorities over 200 years to fight it out. I can only hope it takes less longer for the gay people.


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