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Vacation Time!!!

Off on my European vacation tomorrow, and then to India! Will be back first week of September, probably a few kilos heavier and definitely happier.

Ciao for now,



July 29, 2008 at 9:19 pm 7 comments

A letter to the cowards

It must have been pretty easy, in the dark of the night. To hide bombs with timers in ditches and scurry away into the darkness. Like rodents. And then sit back at your hole and wait for it to explode on unsuspecting people. Maybe you have that smug smile on your face knowing that you sent the city into a panic, and that two people, who did not affect your diseased existence in any way lost their lives just because they happened to be there. I don’t know what cause you are fighting for, or if you are mentally deranged, but I want you to die. A slow and painful death. Or worse, I want you to live and see everything you hold dear taken away from you one by one till you lose your sanity and plead death, only that it won’t come.

No, I am not a very forgiving person.

How dare you touch my city, Bangalore? Not touch, but try and molest it. The same city that probably gave you your daily bread, and a roof over your head. The same city where your neighbor probably smiled at you every morning and invited you for a cup of coffee or lent you the newspaper. Did you think of that neighbor and where he might be when those bombs went off? Did you even think of that neighbor’s kid that went off to school that morning, or did you plant a bomb near the kid’s school for special effects? What about your family, do they know what you have done, or are you too cowardly to even own up to them?

Or are you just the person carrying out some orders? Maybe given by a political bigwig so that he can take advantage of all the chaos. How does blood stained money look? How does the food you bought from it taste? Do you taste the blood of the victims in your rice, or are you so insensitive that the taste escapes your notice?

Who ever you are, whatever the motivation, you are still a rodent. Feeding on the toxic waste of the society. And one day, you will just be run over by the overwhelming movement of this very city. Because those very ordinary people will pick up their pieces and move on, and learn to live fearlessly again. And you will be left behind, alone, till you die. Maybe you will never be caught, but one day you will realize the horrors of what you have done. Maybe at least then, you will have the courage to take your own life and end this miserable existence. Or maybe, your own cowardice will let you down and you will suffer till yesterday and tomorrow blend into one meaningless emptiness.

Edited to add: After Bangalore, it was Ahmadabad. Only it was more horrifying. When will all this stop? When will people realize that it is their own properties they are destroying, the public resources they pay taxes for?

July 25, 2008 at 6:44 pm 10 comments

I also think Abbas Tyrewala looks like THE Mummy

Tyrewalaji, personally I think the Mummy was the hottest thing in the movie, so this look should totally work for you!

July 19, 2008 at 6:13 pm 3 comments

Who thinks Abbas Tyrewala (Jaane Tu..) looks like Lord Voldermort??

Abbasji….thought of a desi Hari Puttar franchise?? Then you can cast yourself as “Lord Vinashak”…hehehehe

* note to self: Please stop giggling at your own jokes.*

July 17, 2008 at 3:39 pm 2 comments

A “Race” we lost

Watched the movie “Race” over the weekend. A little late for reviews, but I feel that more the Bollywood movies progress, more the remain the same. Remember the 80s movies with the drinking, booty shaking, scantily dressed cabaret dancer who is the villain’s girl, as opposed to the puja doing, teetotaler heroine who is the embodiment of everything pure and sacred?? Even then, I felt all the bad girls had more fun. Fast forward to now, with scantily clad heroines and item numbers. I thought, well I hoped we had left all those stereotypes behind. And as you expected, I was wrong.

In the movie Race, Bipasha Basu’s character is supposed to be marrying the younger brother. He casually asks her if she cares for a drink. She oohs and aahs about being a teetotaler. And then, he opens her “bio-data” and reveals that he knows she is one bad-ass lady with a couple of swindlings  and murders behind her. The change in her character is picturized by her now smoothly picking up the glass of whiskey. The message is clear – Good women don’t drink. Maybe not so in-your-face, but still in the woodwork. In fact, I could guess how each female character was heading, based on the characterization. I already knew the goody-goody Katrina Kaif was double faced when she casually sat down for a drink with Saif. After all, GOOD WOMEN DON’T DRINK!

One more issue that left me enraged was how the police inspector Anil Kapoor treats his assistant, Sameera Reddy. Agreed, her role is very bimboesque. But a superior officer asking his assistant to suck on his “ganna” (sugarcane stick) has sexual abuse written all over it. And it is supposed to be funny? Not only that, the inspector “instructs” his assistant to hug him, kiss him, and he finds excuses to touch her breasts. Let alone unprofessional, the entire “comedy” is disgusting and demeaning.

It is no surprise that while people rant about a Mallika Sharawat eroding our culture with her mini skirts, demeaning a woman with capers like this do not even get a raised eyebrow. Maybe because, at some level, it is accepted that secretaries can be talked to as sexpots. Maybe because, we still think that honoring a women means getting her out of her skimpy clothes into a covered sari when it suits our needs. And then, we bury our heads into the sand when we see real issues – and call it comedy.

For a recap, in the 80s, the heroine generally did not contribute much except being in distress and retaining her purity and “culture”. The villian’s girl did the skimpy dancing, drank and faced all the corny lines from the villain. Today, the “good” heroines don’t drink. And female secretaries get sexually abused by their boss. I like the 80s much better, at least they did not pretend to be liberated or modern.

Like I told you, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

July 13, 2008 at 5:45 pm 8 comments

Orkutters Anonymous

Ok, all those people who know me on Orkut and who have been reading this blog, come out of hiding. I need to know who you are so that…..well so that I won’t put my foot into my mouth 😀

So all Orkutters, please mark your attendance. Leave a comment. I swear, it does not sting.

July 9, 2008 at 5:31 pm 5 comments

Seattle trip – just what I needed

Went to Seattle over the weekend with the free tickets my ex-travel agent had given us ( refer to the previous post for more details on the tickets ). And it was a breath of fresh air. Literally.

Left early in the morning and landed in Seattle at around 8:30 am, after which we rented a car and drove straight to Mt.Rainier, which is so magnificently huge that is a back drop at the Seattle airport, as if like an embossed watermark that authenticates the city.

Mt.Rainier was even more beautiful in person. As we drove higher, we could see the remnants of winter. Snow that was still about 4 ft high, when the temperate was at a warm 72 degrees F. Both me and K were wearing open toed flip flops, but that did not stop us from hiking in the snow!

On our way back, we stopped at a waterfall that literally crossed our path. The waterfall was right next to the road, and a part of it went under the road, and then took a deep dive. We went and sat on a rock under the road with all that water gushing right by us. It was one of the most eerie experiences I ever had!

We stopped at a unique place for our supper. It was a train compartment converted to a restaurant. Had some “bloomers” there, which were whole onions cut to look like a blooming flower, then battered and fried. Yummy!

Day 2 in Seattle started off with a visit to the Boeing factory. They took us to their manufacturing unit where we could see planes in the assembly lines at various stages of construction. The cranes that ran on tracks overhead were seriously cool machines that could lift more than 1000 tonnes! Next time I sit in a plane, I will definitely be reminded of all the awesome engineering that goes into making a monstrous steel bird fly. Unfortunately, they did not let us take any pics on the factory tour, so this will have to do:

We headed off to the Seattle downtown, only to find that every road was clogged because of a Gay Parade. I was very upset sitting in my car, stuck in traffic until I got to see the actual parade. Of course, the tubelight that I am, it took me sometime to realize I was blowing kisses to a MAN, before which I thought SHE was the homecoming queen or something….And, I really need to take some styling tips from them because they looked so good!

Stopped at Pike Place for lunch. It is such an awesome farmer’s market, it is a must see for anyone who visits Seattle. Had French crepes with loads of fresh veggies from the market itself. Really liked some paintings, but when I realized it will cost me my entire salary to get one, politely wished the artist a good day and walked away 😦

Did the tourist thing to do, went to Space Needle. It is one major pit , I tell you. It is not even the highest building in Seattle anymore! And they charge us an arm and a foot to ride up their elevator and stand there. The view, of course was amazing, but you can get that FREE OF COST from any other tall building in the downtown. It looks better from the outside, believe me.

End of day 2 meant packing our bags and heading back to town. And just when we thought all our excitement was over, our pet sitter told us that she can speak us animals, and that…well…our dog told her that he thinks that we should have kids! Looks like my mom and my pet sitter have joined forces! I keep wondering what else my dog “told” her….sigh!…my family secrets are no longer safe from this double crosser!

July 7, 2008 at 6:12 am 8 comments

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