Sex and the City – the movie

June 2, 2008 at 10:42 pm 1 comment

SPOILER ALERT. Consider yourself warned.

Went there, watched that. Had loads of fun ( nothing to do with the movie, unfortunately). About 25 of us hot girls got together for a pre movie party and had a blast. All of us were dressed fab, took lots of shoe pics, and some of us were sloshed even before the movie began! We started a thing where we had to say something “juicy” about ourselves. And the best one came from the party host who said she had done “IT” on a flight! Wow! How did they manage to squeeze into an airplane loo? Next time I am on a flight, I have to definitely pay a visit to the loo…no no…I wont do it there ( me and K will never be able to fit in ), but I just have to find out the “possibilities”. One determined girl she is!

We reached the movie theatre in our cocktail dresses, very acutely overdressed and not caring a bit. We cheered everything on the screen, from the lovely shoes to Samantha’s gorgeous naked neighbor. Loads of catcalls and girlpower.

Now, the movie itself. Here are a few of my observations:

1. Mr.Big is an ass. I mean, if he can get spooked because someone tells marriages don’t work out, then he is such a baby. Especially when he has done it twice before.

2. Carrie is stupid to take Mr.Big back after he jilted her on her wedding day. But I guess the closet does it especially hard to concentrate on how you actually hate someone.

3. Loved how Steve and Miranda get back together on the Brooklyn bridge. Me had couple of sniffles for that scene.

4. The whole Jennifer Hudson “Love” keychain – password thing is so tacky beyond belief. I thought all those keychains were burnt after the whole Ashiqui kind of movies were banned from being remade. It is soooo 8th standard. And even in 8th standard, I would not have chosen that golden colored one.

5. I really like Charlotte’s bald guy. He is soo sweet. Sad the movie did not show enough of them.

6. How can Samantha think of naked neighbor when she has SMITH? He is so infinitely cute, sexy and handsome!

7. Absolutely loved the shoe proposal. And what a shoe! I am sooo making K get me shoes for my birthday.


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  • 1. ilovelucy  |  June 4, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    I cannot WAIT to watch the movie and drool over the clothes and shoes and bags.Only one problem though.None of my girlfriends live in my neck of the woods.Damn!

    Loved your blog.You have an amazingly entertaining style of writing!

    Clueless: Thanks and Welcome. It is fun movie for group watching and making lots of catcalls!

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