Happy Mother’s day

May 9, 2008 at 6:04 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday, I got a call from my sister. My neighbor and family friend in Bangalore had a massive heart attack. Sheer luck and presence of mind got him into the right hospital at the right time. To tell that this news is a rude shock to me is an understatement. The uncle whom I am always seen as tall, strong and very robust now lies in the ICU recovering from a bypass surgery. The doctors say his sugar levels were so high that he could not even feel the attack. It is a miracle then that he even went to the hospital right away.

An even ruder shock is that the neighbor is my parents’ age.

People my parents’ age should not be having heart attacks. My parents are still young. They still have a lot to see and experience. I want them to see their grand kids graduate college and then go off and have great grand kids. I cannot even imagine the plan changing its course. But yesterday, all my secret fears that I hide in the back of my head and try to forget just exploded all over my mind. Because this time, it is not someone else. This time, it is too close to home.

My Dad is very regular with his health and check-ups, but my mom hates the sight of doctors. She won’t even go see one when she is burning up with fever. And I have been trying to push her to get routine physicals done. Finally, now she did. And everything is OK. And my parents are making a conscious effort to move to healthier meals.

So this Mother’s Day , I want to tell all of you who read this blog ( yeah the whole two of you ) to think about your parents and their health. Ask them to be proactive with their health care and get regular check ups. Ask them to eat healthier and exercise. No, it is not a fad. And they should not care if they look funny doing a brisk walk in sarees and lungis while younglings are running around in the latest sports outfits. It is their lives, and in the process it is a part of your lives that is tied to them. My neighbor was very lucky. But I would rather my parents not get to the point where they have to depend on luck.

Make sure they stick around. Happy Mother’s day mom! ( and Appa )


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