It’s a dogs life

May 8, 2008 at 9:29 pm Leave a comment

I have to say, I owe our entire social life in the neighborhood to Rummy, our poor excuse of a dog. He is like our prop, our icebreaker. When people see us walking him, they dont see strange brown people who smell like curry. They take one look at Rummy and think “They have a dog, at some level they must be normal. I should take them off my serial killers list” and proceed to say hello.

While all them Amreekan folks think we are normal and stop by to say hello, all our desi folks look at us with a mixture of curiosity and awe. Afterall it is not normal for a fellow desi to spend on anything that does not have a resale value. But still, their children point to Rummy and go “Daddy look! Its a Dalmation!” and they reluctantly stop while mentally making a note to dip their kid in disinfectants as soon as they go home. As if reading the dad’s mind, my dog proceeds to lick the kid with a loooooong slurp.

Then there are the ones who are dog pros. They will let their kids pet Rummy, even get a lick or two, be at the receiving end of Rummy’s whiplash of a tail ( yeah, my dog’s wag is his deadliest weapon ) and say their good byes. Nice. A pleasant experience for me and them.

There are the coooing ones. Who flock down on Rummy like mothering hens and smother him with their generous pats while going “Awwwww…what a swwweeeet doggie…”. Each time Rummy desperately tries to escape from their grip and looks across to me like I put him in with a herd of elephants. But good boy…he puts up with all of that so that I can get my taste of the society.

And oh..then mean ones who can be classified into three categories:

1. Mean dog, nice owner: The dog starts barking its head off the minute it sets its eyes on Rummy. Rummy being a pro on walks knows that the dog cant do anything because it is on a leash and pretends to ignore the whole thing. The owner smiles apologetically and yanks his dog away

2. Nice dog, mean owner: This owner does not walk to stop and talk to any of us lesser mortals. The poor dog is screaming for some canine companionship, but the owner trudges on while the dog repeatedly looks back on us with really sad eyes.

3. Mean dog, mean owner: Really bad for neighborhood. Should be banned from walks ( both owner and the dog )

All in all, Rummy gets a nice walk, I get a good whiff of the neighborhood gossip and we are both very very happy.


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