Men , household work and beyond

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Wow! Looks like the magic word is “Parenting”. No sooner than I put up my previous post, my ignored blog suddenly transfomed into quite a social thing! I got people looking for all kinds of search string like “Parenting kids” and other variations on the same theme(Further proof for my theory that parents take their “parenting” way too seriously and are constantly looking for an instruction manual for their DIY project). I think I will make “Parenting” my dhristi bottu ( black mark for removing evil eye ) and mention it in all my posts, much like the student who writes “Om” on every answer sheet hoping for some divine intervention in exams. What an effective way to con people into reading all the muddle going on in your head!


And now, the topic of discussion for today: Men , household work and beyond

Now, the K is pretty helpful around the house. He puts in his share of work, and sometimes, may I dare say it, it exceeds my quota. And he does this without me nagging him about it because he realises that it is his home too. But for some reason, I am not able to advertise this aspect of K with joy and abandon to everyone I know because:

1. They will never believe men can do their share of domestic work willingly
2. I will become the evil controlling bossy wife
3. There is a possibility of a snigger here and there

Heck, even my mom keeps saying “Don’t make him do too much ok?”. I thought she was on my side!

In everyone’s head, K is supposed to hate his share of domestic work ( except probably when it comes to some fixing around the house ) because he is a man. Just like I am supposed to prevent him from watching sports and make him watch chick flicks ( OK…I sometimes do that…but we have a balance…I now even know some names of NBA teams…like Golden State Warriors..see? ) and he is supposed to better enjoy manly time with grotesque people over spending time with his wife. One recent visitor we had mentioned all of the above and kept asking K questions like “She makes you do house work aaaa?? ” and “She allows you to watch games aaaaa? “. He was even more surprised to learn that K can cook and actually does not mind doing it now and then. He even challenged him to make a dosa! Thankfully the visitor left before I lost it and smacked him silly with my dosa pan. All this while, the visitor’s wife alternated between periods of silence and asking me where I got my dosa pan.

Who says gender stereotying is gone? It is right there, covered by a thin layer of supposed modern civility. It is there everytime I have to avoid telling some people that K helps around the house. It is there when people take it for granted that I cannot possibly be interested in sports, and it is certainly going to stay for some time if K has to actually prove that he can cook to our guests.


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Parenting – then and now It’s a dogs life

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