Really? Really? REALLY?

February 15, 2008 at 12:38 am Leave a comment

I came across this piece of news on Times of India. Looks like a few miscreant monkeys from Bajrang Dal ( pun very definitely intended) once again took it upon themselves to make sure that no one in their neighbourhood can actually take a stroll in the park in peace, thus ensuring that our slow paced “developing” country is set back another hundred years.

Valentine’s day has been a sour issue with a few of our “uncles” and “bhayyas” . I can understand what these paragons of virtue must be going through everyday. I mean, as it is, they are being leniant in letting us bharatiya naaris step out and get an education ( not to mention the high paying job that comes as an added benefit), but actually walking in the park with someone you like BEFORE you are married – blasphemeous! Surely, we must be pulling our leashes tight, no wonder we feel the noose tightening around our neck?

“Our activists found the couple in the park. We didn’t misbehave with them. We asked them to get married,”

This my dear friends, was the explaination for their act. The gentle souls. They have long given up on lathis and violence. Now, they just want to be content with ALTERING THE ENTIRE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE. At this point, I am really not sure which one is worse, actually. All I know is that I am lucky. I look across my desk at the flowers K sent me today, and how we spent other special days and I feel very lucky to be in a country where no one will give a damn about how I live my life. Maybe its lonlier here, but atleast it is completely mine.


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Valentine’s day These are a few of my favorite things…

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