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These are a few of my favorite things…

I am feeling a little self oriented today…so indulge me…..

Smugness of an overly full stomach on a Friday afternoon at work ( yes, this is friday afternoon and I hogged like a starving pig and now just cant work )

Finding warm places in K to shove my feet into, and on the same notes, Rummy taking a nap on my feet

Reading a novel on a sunny afternoon, while drifting in and out of sleep

A cold Margarita on the beach…

Saaru Anna – no matter how many cusines I try, how much I travel, I will always come back to hot steaming saaru with a dollop of ghee on top

Watching rain

An awesome massage when I need it ( K…u listening? )

Celebrating because ….well….it is Wednesday

Getting a question right on Jeopardy

Counting minutes before I can leave work ( I know…all my attitude is missing is a school bell so that I can run out shouting yay!!, and no I dont hate my work)

Re-reading Rebecca ( the novel ) again……and again…….and again


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Really? Really? REALLY?

I came across this piece of news on Times of India. Looks like a few miscreant monkeys from Bajrang Dal ( pun very definitely intended) once again took it upon themselves to make sure that no one in their neighbourhood can actually take a stroll in the park in peace, thus ensuring that our slow paced “developing” country is set back another hundred years.

Valentine’s day has been a sour issue with a few of our “uncles” and “bhayyas” . I can understand what these paragons of virtue must be going through everyday. I mean, as it is, they are being leniant in letting us bharatiya naaris step out and get an education ( not to mention the high paying job that comes as an added benefit), but actually walking in the park with someone you like BEFORE you are married – blasphemeous! Surely, we must be pulling our leashes tight, no wonder we feel the noose tightening around our neck?

“Our activists found the couple in the park. We didn’t misbehave with them. We asked them to get married,”

This my dear friends, was the explaination for their act. The gentle souls. They have long given up on lathis and violence. Now, they just want to be content with ALTERING THE ENTIRE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE. At this point, I am really not sure which one is worse, actually. All I know is that I am lucky. I look across my desk at the flowers K sent me today, and how we spent other special days and I feel very lucky to be in a country where no one will give a damn about how I live my life. Maybe its lonlier here, but atleast it is completely mine.

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Valentine’s day

With Valentine’s day coming close by, me and K are scratching our heads on what to do on the D-day. So far this is how the track record has been:

Year 1: the newly weds
We shall name this the year of super cheesiness. I think the only saving grace was that K did not get me a teddy bear to complete the package. I cant thank him enough for that. Otherwise we went through the complete works. I wore a halter necked top on a freezing February night, paid for a super expensive hair cut, got reservations at a super expensive restaurant in San Francisco which suprisingly (?) served very ordinary food. I even made K write a poem for me ( yeah you heard me right, I MADE him write, just like I MAKE him suprise me every year for my birthday) which was more like prose written with a very small page width on MS word. And ofcourse, K bought me ipod nano, and I gave him custom decals for his car (both the gifts remain unused. K wants to use my ipod but I dont let him 😀 ). There were even candles at the restaurant to maintain the highest cheesy quotient. Result – very very giddy, ear to ear grin newly weds lighter in the pocket by a couple of hundreds of dollars, not minding it one bit though. After so much cheesiness, the aftershocks were felt in March when both of us could not fit into our jeans anymore.

Year 2: 1 year wiser
We refused to fall for the restaurant trick. And decided not to buy any more stuff with hearts or any other such decorations on them which looks cute only on Feb 14 and cannot even be displayed around the house later. We both decided that we will go to the SAP Open Tennis Tournament and watch Blake and Roddick have a go at it. Very very satisfying, even more so as there were no other coochiekooing couples around. Got a little red faced after being reminded that we were those coochiekooing couple a year back. Stopped at Jack in the Box on the way back and had egg and buttermilk biscuit sandwitch along with jalepeno poppers – very very satisfying. All in all, a very well spent day doing ( or watching) something we both liked.

Year 3: Lack of ideas
This year, I have no real idea about what exactly we should be doing. Or how about this radical thought – why should we do anything at all? No, I am not one of those cynical, anti-capitalistic aliens that refuse to do anything because it is Valentine’s day. I mean, why the pressure? OK, we really dont have any ideas on what we want to do, or any shows/events we really want to watch. So why should I settle for anything less just because I HAVE to do something on Valentine’s day? I should be OK telling people ” No, we are not doing anything, thank you” instead of feeling all duh and trying to come up with cover up answers. So here is it – “WE DONT HAVE PLANS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY”. <….waiting…..> The earth is still here and did not collapse into a black hole! Its a miracle!

However, we WILL be going on a nice picnic that weekend, just the two of us ( ofcourse Rummy, you are included too) and hopefully we will get to sit and ponder over the mysteries of the universe while we gaze into the most spectacular sunset ( Awwwww…….deep down inside, I am still a romantic 🙂 )

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