Rain Rain go away….

January 30, 2008 at 9:29 pm Leave a comment

I cannot wait anymore. I keep singing “Rain Rain go away….” again and again with the hopes that I can see some sunshine. And this, for a person whose name literally translates to nimbus clouds.

Rains here are not like the ones in Bangalore. They are cold, icy and plain dull. There is no before rain winds you can sit and enjoy in your verandah with a steel lota full of coffee. There is no milky sunshine after. It is just grey and more grey. And to top it all, I dont get to just sit at home and sulk….I have to take my dog Rummy out for his evening walk.

For those who dont know Rummy, at first glance he may look like this really really paaapa character who only wants your affection and love , but he can be as stubborn as a mule. He needs the weather, stars, vaastu, feng shui, etc to be alligned perfectly for him to go out for a walk, and some more things only he is capable of sensing to be alligned too for him to find that perfect spot and then pee on it. So Rummy puts his head outside the door, shakes his head, decides he is NOT going out and walks back to his bed. Ok…how about doing his business in the back yard? No Sir, can’t do. He looks back at me with this calm resolute face that says “You can bring me here, but I won’t do it” while I hold an umbrella in one hand and do the rain dance around him.

To re-evaluate our situation:

1. Rummy wants to pee – badly
2. Rummy does not want to go out in the rain
3. Rummy does not want to do it in the backyard.

Try explaining to him that he is in a deadlock.

Finally, after lots of threats, pleading and doggie treats, he decides he will come out. I make him wear this doggie jacket I got for him ( No, I am not one of those people who makes their dog wear clothes. But just try getting Rummy dry and you will have different ideas) and off we go. But you know, things can’t be so simple. Rummy does not like his jacket ( OK..it is a little small for an 80 pound dog) and decides he wont pee until I take it off him. Also he stages a protest by standing in the MIDDLE of the road and refusing to move. So again, I perform the rain dance and take the jacket off him after which he promptly does his thing. And he is wet.

We come back home, and now Rummy decides he likes the rain too much. So he decides NOT to come into the house. And runs all around the yard while I chase him with a towel. More rain dance for me. Finally, he is semi dry and comes into the house, when I realise I forgot to wipe his paws. My house now looks like it is celebrating Krishna Janmastami with doggie foot prints. I give up. I will just sit on the couch and sulk till K comes home.


Rummy during his sun soaking session


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After 3 days… Valentine’s day

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