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January 25, 2008 at 5:03 am 1 comment

I read this story about the importance of Gita. There is a grandpa reading the Gita and the grandson asks him what he is reading.

Grandpa: This is Gita kano…our holy book
Boy: Howda…what does it say tatha?
Grandpa : I dont really understand
Boy: Then why are you reading it?
Grandpa: OK I will tell you, but first go get the coal basket
Boy: Wokay….
Grandpa: Now go get me water in this basket from the river

Boy tries a lot of times…but paapa, he is not able to get the water because it leaks. Finally he gives up and comes to his Grandpa

Boy: Tatha, I cannot do this …the water always runs out before I get it here
Grandpa: But you have not noticed one thing, look at the basket now…it was covered in coal and now it is clean. So even if you dont know what you are doing or why you are doing it, there is some use that comes out of it.

End of story

Now, as a logical thinking engineer, I find many flaws in this. When you are trying to achieve something ( in this case, enlightment) then you should work towards it. Not just waste time waiting for it to happen as a side effect. If I used the above mentioned approach at work I would be sacked before I can say “Rama Krishna…neena kaapadappa” ( Rama/Krishna whoever is available, please save me).
Had the Grandpa put some effort into understanding what he was reading, he could have probably even moved on to Bible, Koran and other books, thus getting a better wider perspective. And the poor boy would not have to make so many trips to the river if he had just been told to wash the basket. Maybe he could have washed two baskets!

This story has been an example of our attitude for so many things. Aiyooo…dont touch this ..it is madi…dont do that…dont be a smart ass and ask stupid questions. And thats how meaningless things that torture young girls and boys are born. I will end this post with a zoom into the future of the boy:

Boy ( who is now a grandpa): Le Sundru…come here
Sundru ( grandson): What is it tatha?
Boy: Take that charcoal basket and bring water from the river in it 5 times
Sundru: Why tatha?
Boy: Stupid fellow…your mother has given you too much leniance…just do what it tell you
Sundru: But really….why?
Boy: Since the time of my grandpa I have been doing this and it is good. Now just shut up and go


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  • 1. Sreepad  |  March 1, 2009 at 7:00 am

    A story can be used to explain so many things in life. One same story can be used to substantiate even two opposite ideas! Same thing is happening here. One can just tilt this story just in a single line and comment in the opposite manner.
    Hence, what all matters at the end is how we look at it.

    Thanking you faithfully for your critical thinking,


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